Princess Pamper Palace

Natasha M.

Senior Party Planner

Natasha loves to Luxuriate and sell houses She Believes in stellar customer service, FUN & Saving parents’ pockets!

Ava Milan


Ava Milan is COO of The Princess Pamper Palace, Inc. in business since 2020, A lover of all things PINK, Ava has a real passion for FUN & making your Princess’ Party as fabulous as she is!


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Skye T.

Fun Fairy

Skye has a passion for children and loves the color PINK.

Nala L.

Party Princess

Nala is a Junior in High School & Hopes to one day have her Own Salon doing hair & Makeup

Riyah S.

Party Princess

Riyah is a recent High School Graduate. She is now a licensed Nail Tech & hopes to one day have her own Nail Boutique.


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