Very Fancy Par-Tea




$275 deposit will be paid online, $270 will be paid in person

Up to 8 Princesses*
Recommended for ages 5+

  • 2 Spa Services of your choice (Manicure & Makeup)
  • Fancy Par-Tea Hats (not keepsake)
  • Par-Tea Gloves (not Keepsake)
  • “Tea” N “Crumpets/Goodies”
  • Princess Dance Party
  • Free custom Invitation
  • Party Bags
  • Pink Runway Exit
  • -Please wear a dress for this party-
    (each additional child is $35.00)

*Dance Party If time permits
*We set up & clean up (Every Station is sanitized after every party)
*Mileage/travel will be charged based on location
*Balloon Glitter Pedicure $12.50 per Princess


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